Basic game theory:

Either survive to the end, or accumulate the most points.  Two “winners” will be declared per game.  Most games will last two (2) weeks.

Basic game motion:

A player will receive an account to the game portal, which will allow the player to interact with the reporting system.  This account will also serve as the main method of communication of targeting, and of basic information of players.

Basic game rules:                                                                      

I. Basics:

1.         A player will be assigned a target at the start of the game.  The target will be another player of the game.

2.         The player’s target will remain the same, until the end of the game, or the player successfully performs an attack on their target.

3.         Points will be awarded for successful attacks, surviving a day, verifying attacks, and other “upkeep” actions which will be determined as Ryan finds out how lazy he is.


II. Attacks:

1.         A player can view and report attacks at the game portal.

2.         An attack consists of taking a single digital camera picture of the players assigned target.

3.         The picture must contain a recognizable shot of the target, as well as a recognizable front page of a Colorado Daily. 

4.         The Colorado Daily in the picture must be dated after the target was assigned the player.  (This is in order to time stamp a kill, and reduce reusing of pictures from game to game.)


III. Hacking:

1.         Hacking is allowed in this game (to an extent).  Any over extension of the types of hacking allowed will result in Ryan justifying the situation using any means necessary.

2.         Legal hacking will not interfere with anyone’s computer (i.e. no Trojans, viruses, rooting peoples computer’s physically or remotely, etc.)

3.         Legal hacking must not be illegal by government definitions.  (i.e. no network sniffing on a network other than your own privately owned network.)

4.         Rule #3 can be broken only if no one (including myself) finds out about it.  (But I highly recommend against it.)

5.         For the most part, legal hacking will consist of only brute force of dictionary attacking password hashes that will be semi-readily available to players.

6.         Any hacking that targets the game server better be extremely leet, because I can’t control what the company that runs my server will do to you if you get caught. (i.e. don’t go overboard and DOS attack or anything that is totally illegal.)